Reviewing Bond No. 9's Greenwich Village Perfume

Bond No. 9's Greenwich Village is more than a fragrance—it's an ode to one of New York's most iconic neighborhoods, celebrated for its bohemian culture and artistic vibrance. This unisex perfume encapsulates the eclectic spirit of its namesake, offering a complex bouquet that appeals to a diverse audience.

Fragrance Profile

Top Notes:

Greenwich Village opens with a lively blend of cassis, lychee, and mandarin. This combination offers a fresh and fruity start, reminiscent of the neighborhood's vibrant street life.

Heart Notes:

Transitioning into the heart, the fragrance unveils a floral array featuring peony, waterlily, and jasmine. This floral heart captures the essence of the area’s hidden gardens and artistic expressions.

Base Notes:

The base notes of amber, praline, and musk lend a warm and sensual finish, grounding the fragrance with a rich, enduring presence that mirrors the lasting cultural impact of Greenwich Village.

Experience and Longevity

Bond No. 9 is known for creating fragrances that last, and Greenwich Village is no exception. It offers impressive longevity, making it suitable for long days out or special evening events. The sillage is potent, ensuring the fragrance makes a gentle yet noticeable impact on those around you.

Who Should Wear It

This unisex fragrance is ideally suited for individuals who appreciate a scent that stands out from the crowd. Its balanced mix of fruity, floral, and warm notes makes it versatile for both casual and formal settings, appealing to anyone who enjoys a sophisticated, memorable perfume.

Sampling Before Buying

Due to its distinctive character, sampling Greenwich Village through a perfume sample from MixPerfume is highly recommended. This allows you to experience the fragrance firsthand, ensuring it matches your personal style and complements your scent preferences before making a full-size purchase.

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